Terms and Conditions


All participants must be 16 or older.

Persons who do not have a badge are not welcome at any time other than dropping of and picking up. Pets are not welcome either.

Your badge must always be worn visibly during the event.

There are models present for the workshops and you do not require to bring your own model.

We rent the location, the beds are included. Therefore, beds cannot be deducted from the price.

We are not a hotel, you will have to share a

room with 3-5 other participants, toilets and showers are separate.

There is no elevator.

Transfer the whole amount at once, only after payment you are registered. You have to register via the website.

Every workshop this year is 1.50 hours or 4 hours. The hands-on craft workshops may ask for a contribution in material of max. 10 euro.

Only people who have indicated their dietary preference at least one week up front, can receive a meal adapted to their dietary needs. This will be indicated on your badge.

If we receive complaints about misbehaving or nuisance, we reserve the right to refuse you access for upcoming editions.

It is not allowed to bring or use drugs.

Smoking inside the building is not allowed.

During the event, a crew of professional

photographers and videographers will create images on behalf of FIP. These images can be used by FIP for social media and publication in the broadest sense. By buying a ticket, you consent to these publications.

It is not allowed to tape anything to the walls, and it is not allowed to take electricity from the hallway for private usage in your room unless you require electricity for medical purposes.


Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention is not responsible for any cost or damage to visitors or items caused by direct or indirect actions from other visitors, traders or the venue owner during or related to the Jamvention.

Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention cannot be held liable in any way for the damage or loss of property.

Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention cannot be held liable for personal accidents on the venue or in the building or the car park.

Participation at the Jamvention is at the Visitor’s own risk. The Organiser is not liable for any damages, by whatever name, suffered by a Visitor as a result of the participation, unless the damage is a direct consequence of deliberate intentor gross negligence on the part of the Organiser. This exclusion of liability also applies to serious damages such as all possible damages resulting from injury or death.

Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention cannot be held liable for goods that are sold by the traders.

Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention cannot be held liable for any defects on products sold by the traders.


Guests must behave respectfully to each other, Jamvention staff, traders and anyone else they may meet at the Jamvention. (Verbal)violence will not be tolerated.

If you have a dispute please contact a member of Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention team.


Free parking is available near the venue.

Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention is not responsible or liable for any damage incurred on the parking lot to persons, cars or items.

Cancellation and Refund policy

For reasons of force majeure the Organizer can decide to cancel the Event at short notice. If the Event is cancelled because of force majeure no new date will be set. In this case, no entry fees and/or additional expenses will be refunded to the ticket owner. The Organizer is not liable for any costs incurred by the Participant if the Jamvention has to be cancelled because of force majeure.

Refunds for already purchased Jamvention tickets will be possible only in the case of cancellation of the entire Jamvention event, which is not caused by force majeure.

There will be no refunds for purchased tickets for any other reason or cancellation of one or more artists confirmed to teach at the Jamvention.

You are allowed to transfer your ticket to someone else. Tickets are sold subject to the organizers right to change, vary or cancel the scheduled activities and performances due to events or circumstances beyond their control without being obliged to a refund.

Video and Photography

All video, photo and audio materials acquired at the Jamvention site is subject to be used in promotional materials for the future Jamventions without any limitations of time and space and at the sole discretion of the Jamvention and its Organizers. This on Facebook and/or other social media purposes (and websites).

Visitors are free to bring their own photography and/or recording devices for non-commercial use. BUT are not allowed to use the photo studio.

Prior written permission from Facepaint in Progress/Jamventionis needed if you wish to use the images/video for commercial activities.

Commercial use includes asking the model for compensation when they request a high resolution file of the photo.

The photographer decides how and which photos are taken and they are exclusively of the design made during the Jamvention's workshops. Personal, commercial or "friendship" photos are not taken.

Any and all published photos by Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention, can be used on personal multimedia platforms with full credits to Facepaint in Progress/Jamvention and the Photographer.